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PolkaBEATS 2010 / 2013

SurfPunk-KrautRock-PolkaSka: Diehard men with dark rings under their eyes, scarred lips and battered hearts. Chronically off-beat junkies on a rollercoaster ride through styles and grooves that has taken them to over 1000 festivals and club concerts right all across Europe. Blessed with an instinctive feel for what hits home, POLKAHOLIX dives deep for the pearls and chestnuts of rock and pop history, reworking them in a way that often makes the original pale beside them. Their own songs are as idiosyncratic as the artists themselves: full of wit, irony and the wry wisdom of those who have lived though life’s highs and lows.

ANDREAS WIECZOREK, lead vocal, alto sax
MARIO FERRARO, guitar, lapsteel, voc
JO MEYER, accordion, voc
STEFFEN ZIMMER, trumpet, voc
STEPHAN BÖHM, trombone, voc
CHRISTOPH FRENZ, double bass, voc
SNORRE SCHWARZ, drums, voc